Sunday, February 9, 2014

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks - Week #1 BERGER FROM GERMANY

The Berger family are ancestors on my paternal side.  Marguerite Elizabeth Berger was born in Washington, DC but her father Charles Edward Berger was born in Germany.  I have that he was born 24 February 1865 in Wurtenberg, Germany.

The only photo I have of Charles is one taken along with his brother Joseph & sister Elizabeth that was published in the newspaper in Washington, DC.  They had not seen each other for 48 years.  Elizabeth came back east to the DC/Baltimore area for a visit.  This was in 1937.

Charles died in Washington, DC on 12 May 1944.  Joseph, who lived in Baltimore, Maryland, died 24 March, 1949 in Baltimore, Maryland.  Elizabeth, who had been married to Ignatz Weingaertner, died 2 August 1950.  She had lived in St. Louis, Missouri since at least 1920.

Their father, Johann Berger was born 26 September 1832 in Germany and died 17 May 1888.

I was given this photo of Johann's tombstone and was able to find someone to translate the inscription for me.

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