Thursday, January 18, 2018


I'm late in starting this but will give it a go.  I will start with my ABBOTT family.  My maternal grandmother was Ariel Bayne ABBOTT and she was born in Annapolis, Maryland to William Robert & Ariel Elizabeth (PARLETT) ABBOTT on 27 September 1891. Ariel married Edward Francis FARLEY on 14 August 1913 at the Second Baptist Church in Washington, DC.  I am not sure how long they knew each other but I don't think it was long.  When Ariel met Edward she was engaged to a midshipman from the US Naval Academy.  Needless to say her family was not happy when she broke off the engagement to the young man.  Long ago I had his name but that was before I was doing any genealogy. 

I don't believe there were many good feelings from the ABBOTT family to the new son-in-law and he really didn't care much for them from what I gather.  I know when my mother was born she was named after one of Ariel's sisters and my grandfather would never call her by her birth name.  That is a very long story I will go into at a later date.  Edward & Ariel (ABBOTT) Farley had 5 children.

Ariel's father William Robert worked at the Government Printing Office in DC.  He was born 19 February 1866 also in Annapolis, Maryland.  He was the eldest son of William Robert & Frances (Fannie)Virginia (WILKINSON/WILKISON). I was pleasantly surprised when I requested his work records that I not only received the records but a great photo of him with his signature from them.
Quite a handsome gentleman I believe.  William Robert & Ariel Elizabeth PARLETT were married 19 June 1888.  Theirs was a very large family, my grandmother Ariel was the eldest daughter of 11 children.

It is believed that this photo was taken not long before William Robert  passed.  My grandmother, Ariel is all the way to the right in this photo. William Robert ABBOTT also worked for his father William Martin ABBOTT at the EVENING CAPITAL & GAZETTE NEWSPAPER

William Martin ABBOTT was the founder and editor of that newspaper on 14 May 1884 in Annapolis, Maryland.  He ran the newspaper until the time of his death when his eldest daughter Emma (ABBOTT) GAGE took over.  William Martin & Frances (Fannie) Virginia WILKINSON/WILKISON were married on 11 July 1861 in Baltimore, Maryland.  At the time of his marriage William Martin was working at the Baltimore Sun Newspaper.  William Martin ABBOTT died of acute Brights Disease on 7 March 1912 at the age of 72.  He is buried at St. Anne's Cemetery in Annapolis, MD.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


I have not been doing any research for quite some time so I thought I would start back with at least some of the names that I am trying to get more information on.  These are names of my Ancestors.  I will post soon on my husbands.

ABBOTT - Maryland Originated Talbot County
BERGER - Maryland; Washington, DC; Germany
CLAY - Pennsylvania
CUNNINGHAM - Pennsylvania; Ireland
DAWSON - Maryland
ESKRIDGE - Maryland; Virginia
FARLEY - Pennsylvania; Ireland
FOARD - Maryland
HITCHCOCK - Maryland
KNIGHT - Maryland; Pennsylvania
KOSACK - Maryland; Washington, DC; Germany/Prussia
LANCASTER - Pennsylvania; England
LEDANE/LYDDAN/LYDANE - Maryland; West Virginia
LOTT - Pennsylvania
REESE - Maryland;  Pennsylvania
SLONAKER - Pennsylvania
WILKINSON/WILKISON - Virginia; Maryland

Monday, March 28, 2016

When did Rosa Z Owens & F W Kosack marry???

I have very limited information on Rosa Z. Owens.  Rosa was born 12 February 1882 in Maryland, Rosa was married to Frederick William Kosack but I have not been able to find where or when they were married.  Rosa died 5 December 1936.  These small bits of information on Rosa are only due to the information on her tombstone.  According to the story from my father, Rosa was in St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Washington, DC when she died.  I have searched Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC not only for her marriage to my great uncle but also for her death certificate.  Family Search, Ancestry neither of them have her.  I have tried various spellings to no avail

Uncle Fred and Rosa married some time between 1900 and 1910.  They were listed as married in the 1910 census but in the 1900 census Uncle Fred was living at home with his parents and was listed as single.  Also in the 1910 census Rosa was listed as having 2 children and neither were alive.  I never knew Rosa and never heard anyone other than my father talk about her. 

I know that Uncle Fred had remarried and his 2nd wife I know a great deal about.  I have yet to find a marriage record for them either.  I do have death certificates for both of them but Rosa is a really big question mark that I would love to solve. This is the only photo I have of Uncle Fred & Aunt Rosa.  I have
no idea when this was taken.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Updating this blog

It has been a very, very long time since I have done any work on my blog. I am looking for information on my great grandmother Augusta Wanda (Kleinstuck) Kosack.  I know she was born in Prussia 7 October 1856.  I have not been able to locate her immigration to the United States.  I know she came her in the 1870's but that is about all. This first photo was most likely her wedding photo.  The lower photo was taken at an unknown date.  She married Frederick William Kosack 25 July 1876 in Washington, DC. 

Friday, August 28, 2015


I haven't posted in on my blog for a very long time.  I hope to do it a little more regular soon.

I have done the DNA test and posted my results on GEDmatch.  I have a very long list of people who are"matches" within 4 - 6 generations.  I have been trying to get in touch with a few to see if we can figure out who our common ancestors are.  I have not had any luck so far but will keep trying to get in touch with people who I have a common ancestor about  5 generations back.  I am very glad I have done the DNA test and do hope to meet up with some new cousins soon.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

52 Ancestors Week # 19 - LeDane/Lyddan

I have posted before about James J. LeDane/Lyddan but I would like to list all of his and Margaret's children in this post.

MaryAnna LeDane born 21 June 1866 West Virginia- married Charles Berger
Louisa LeDane born about 1868 no further information about her
Frances Adele LeDane born August 1869 in Maryland married Charles Gettings
Fanny LeDane born about 1871 no further information about her
Elizabeth LeDane born May 1872 in West Virginia married Harry Gorbutt
George E Lyddan/LeDane born 1 January 1874 in Martinsburg, Berkeley County, West Virginia.  He was not in the 1880 census on this family.
An unknown female

James Is believed to be the son of John Henry & Hannah Ladan found in WV in the 1850 census.  This family had many different spellings of the last name.  I have not been able to find James in the 1870 census with his family.  Still searching many different spellings.

Monday, May 5, 2014

52 Ancestor Challenge Week #18 - Edgar Allan Poe

When I was growing up my Grandmother Farley would often relay to us that Edgar Allan Poe was one of our ancestors.  Then I would ask her how was he related and she never really knew so lately I have been trying to find out IF there was a connection.  I have been puttering in genealogy for about 10 years - give or take and have never found any Poe connection.

Lately I have been working on my Rees/Reese ancestors and finally found the answer as to whether or not we have a connection  to Edgar Allan Poe.   The answer is yes BUT it is so far out there that I really hesitate to say he is an ancestor.

My 3rd great grandparents Daniel Evans & Ruth (Dawson) Reese had 15 children among them my great grandmother Maria Kenley Reese and an older sister Rebecca Reese.  Seems Rebecca was married to William E. Clemm and therein lies the connection to Edgar Allan Poe.  Rebecca's husband William E. Clemm was a half brother to Virginia Clemm who was married to Edgar Allan Poe.  Poe was also a cousin to Virginia Clemm but in neither line do we have a direct connection.  Sorry Nana it really doesn't count.