Wednesday, March 19, 2014

52 Ancestors Challenge Week #11 Mary Louise (Knight) Parlett


Mary Louise Knight was born 29 July 1847 in Harford Co., MD.  She was the daughter of Wesley & Harriet Tucker (Foard) Knight.   She married David Oliver Parlett on 28 December 1865 in Belair, Harford County, Maryland the Reverend J. K. Nichols resided.  She died 29 September 1929 in Annapolis, AA Co., MD.  Mary Louise and David Oliver are both buried  in St Anne's Cemetery, AA Co., MD

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

53 Week Challenge - Week #10 James Le Dane

 This information was found in the:

Washington Post Jul 25, 1910


Mrs. LeDane Relieved to Learn He is at Occoquan.


Septuagenarian Who, According to His Wife Has Not Toiled for Twenty years, Joins the Workers' Colony.  Spouse Thinks He should be cared for in Some Home for Old Folks

James Le Dane is 75 years. Old.  According to his wife he hasn't done any work worthy of the name for twenty years and, with her, is dependent on their daughter and son-in-law for support.
Nevertheless, "Pap" as he is familiarly called, is possessed of an imperious spirit and last May when his daughter, Mrs. Harry Gorbutt, of 1003 Sixth Street southwest, made some remarks that displeased him, he straightened up his six-foot-six, stroked his iron gray mustache, and marched from the sheltering roof.  He hasn't since returned.

After searching for him for two months his son-in-law discovered "Pap" on Saturday, in company with about 40 other unfortunates, boarding a train in Union Station for Occoquan, VA., where the new workhouse is in process of erection.  How "Pap" got into such company his wife doesn't know, but she is relieved to learn that he is still alive.

Was Confederate Sutler.
Le Dane was born in Virginia. When the civil war started he entered the Confederate army as a sutler, most of the time driving a commissary wagon.  After the war he worked as fireman on one of the Virginia division of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad for several years.  Coming to this city, he held various jobs, among them that of engineer at the National Hotel and fireman in the Senate side of the Capitol. At 50 years of age he decided to retire, according to his wife, and since then has been living with his son-in-law.

"Work" "Pap" hasn't worked for twenty years' said Mrs. Le Dane yesterday.  "This is, he hasn't supported me for that time.  He should be in some old people's home where he can be taken care of.  He hasn't been well for some time, and has undergone treatment at the Providence Hospital for asthma and bronchitis.  He isn't in any shape to be running around the streets.  He's too old and his mind is weakening. "Mr. Gorbutt has a large family to support and can't afford to care for my husband, it's all he can do to take care of me" concluded Mrs. LeDane.

There are no known photos of James.  He died on 1 August 1914 in the old folks home.  He is buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery in Washington, DC but there is no tombstone for him.  There is much conflict in the information that is found about him.  Several notations state he was born in Maryland.  In this article it states Virginia.  The daughter he was mentioned as to living with was Elizabeth (LeDane) Gorbutt.

Monday, March 3, 2014

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge Week #9 - Lyddan/LeDane/Lidan mystery

My great grandmother MaryAnna {LeDane} Berger is a mystery. Why?  According to all the information that I have been able to locate to date she was born in West Virginia (actually a part of Virginia before it became WV) in June 1866.  I can find no birth record for her in either Virginia or West Virginia.   I can find no information on the family in the 1870 census.  According to everything I have found she and some of her siblings were born in West Virginia.  I have tried various spellings for the last name,  I have searched for them in Maryland and Virginia all to no avail.  I have no problem finding them in 1880 but I'm really trying to find the earlier record.  Mary Anna married Charles Berger and I will outline him in a future blog.

 Mary Anna (LeDane) Berger photo.  I do not not the approximate year this was taken.

MaryAnna from what I have been able find out is the eldest child of James J. Lyddan/LeDane and Margaret Lyddan/LeDane.  I have the Washington County, Maryland Marriage Index that lists her parents.  They both had the same last name prior to being married  - cousins maybe????

James Lyddan/LeDane and Margaret Lyddan/LeDane are both buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Washington, DC.  James died in 1914 and was in an old folks home at the time of his death.  I have a story of how James disappeared but that will also  be another week.  He and Margaret, who died in 1916 are at the same cemetery but different locations.  There are no stones for either of them.
I believe that I have found the parents of James J. Lyddan - John Henry & Hannah (Kasner) Lyddan/LeDane/Lidan.   James and Margaret have a marriage license dated 7 November 1865.  I have tried to find where they were married and I have reason to believe they were Catholic.

 John Henry Lyddan was born in Montgomery County, Maryland 16 March 1800.
 Hannah(Kasner) Lyddan who  was born 16 March 1798 also in Montgomery County.  They had 11 children and my James J. was their 6th child.  John Henry & Hannah both died in Hedgesville, WV.   Hannah and one of their sons are buried at  Hedgesville Presbyterian Cemetery,  Berkeley, WV.  No information on John Henry.