Monday, February 10, 2014

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks - Challenge #6 How far??? CLAY Line

One thing I am trying to do with my genealogy is to limit how far I research a line that is not a direct connection.  I have been having trouble doing this because it is good to find information and you never can tell when you may find something on a direct ancestor doing this.  Lately I have been trying to find information on a CLAY ancestor that seemed to just disappear.  Low and behold I found the reason no one could find him - he died in the service during the Civil War.  I found this according  to a pension application filed by his mother on 1891 April 23.  It states he died June 9, 1863.  It also gives information that he has at least one alias.  All along we have been searching for Rolanders Clay born in Pennsylvania about 1841.  The alias listed on the application also show he used William Miller, but the application listed his name as Rolandus Clay.  I have also come across Orlandes Clay.  I have not gotten the pension information at this time and I hope to find more out about him but I am more interested in his mother Margaret (Slonaker) Clay.   She is my 3rd great grandmother and as being my direct ancestor I am still searching for much more information on her.

Rolanders was the eldest son of 8 children of James & Margaret (Slonaker) Clay.  The eldest in the family was Lavinia born about 1837.  No further information has been found on her.  The other siblings in the family are Alban, Clementine, Elmira (my 2nd great grandmother), Elizabeth Annie, Ella,  and Henry.

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